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You can tell that Vietnamese people live by the “it takes a village” ideal when it comes to children.  Someone is always reaching out to pick up your child, or playing peek-a-boo with them.  Don’t worry, nobody is trying to steal your baby!  

Your child’s new-found celebrity status actually makes travelling through Vietnam with kids really easy.  Complete strangers are always occupying them for you, and nobody seems to be mind if your baby is grizzly, or your toddler is ‘spirited’.

I travelled with my husband and young kids from Hanoi in the North, down to Phu Quoc Island in the South, stopping at various places in between. Below is some information on my experiences travelling in Vietnam with kids.

I can’t wait to come back here with more time up my sleeve!





The Old Quarter of Hanoi in Photographs

…..HOI AN…..

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Help the waitress stole my baby!

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Misc Tips

  • You shouldn’t drink the water in Vietnam.  You shouldn’t even brush your teeth in it.  Bottled water is used for teeth brushing and drinking (most hotels give you a couple of bottles complimentary every day) and is very cheap to buy.
  • Don’t worry, the waitress is not trying to steal your baby! Vietnamese people love babies so much that it can border on being annoying. Especially when your baby is asleep in the carrier or when your toddler is tired and cranky and doesn’t feel like playing.  It’s quite ok to just give a big polite smile and keep walking.
  • If your kids are like mine and think that 5:00 am is a perfectly acceptable wake up time, take advantage of it!  You can do all of your sightseeing early and be back at the hotel for lunch time naps! You also avoid the tourist buses and crowds when you are first to arrive at a popular place.
  • Getting laundry done in Vietnam is cheap, so no need to pack weeks worth of clothes.
  • Like most other Asian countries, you will need some ”conservative” clothes if you want to visit pagodas or religious sites.  This means long skirt or pants and tops with sleeves etc.

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