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Top 10 reasons for a Vietnam holiday with kids

Top 10 reasons for a Vietnam holiday with kids

(1) Vietnamese people love kids!

In fact, kids are treated like VIP’s everywhere.  The ‘it takes a village’ culture that you experience when travelling in Vietnam with young kids is a breath of fresh air.  See my post on Help the waitress stole my baby!

vietnam holiday with kids
Ripley (aged 3.5 years) helping out at Van Long Nature Reserve in Ninh Binh, Vietnam.

(2) Luxury accommodation at affordable prices.

I’m not saying that luxury is dirt cheap however, for around AU$100 – $200 a night you can get a standard of accommodation that would be AU$300 upwards in Australia.

If you don’t need five star resorts, you’re in luck!  If you do your research and look at the online reviews before booking, you can get decent accommodation for under AU$50 suitable for families here.  You can expect a clean room, beds and a private bathroom.  Basically, everything you need without the perks of luxury or fancy decor.

vietnam holiday with kids
Restaurant overlooking the river at Hoi An Beach Resort

(3) Cheap and easy public transport.

Train travel is particularly cheap and easy here.  You can opt for different class carriages with either hard seats and no air-conditioning, or soft seats with air-conditioning.  I found the cheapest ticket more enjoyable as the carriage was nearly empty.

vietnam holiday with kids
The cheapest ticket! Hard seats with no air-conditioning and a virtually empty carriage.

(4) Affordable private transport.

This makes travelling with kids easy, especially young kids.  Tours can be hard with young kids as you can’t really stop randomly for a snack or toilet break, or change your plans if required.  Taxis are fairly cheap, as is a private driver for half a day. Just make sure you ask your hotel which Taxi companies are reputable in your area.

vietnam holiday with kids
You can even travel by row boat!

(5) Food for the pickiest of eaters.

If your kids don’t like noodles, there is a noticeable French influence lurking around every corner.  There is also lots of fresh fruit, smoothies, and most hotels/resorts sell comforting international foods like spaghetti and pumpkin soup.

vietnam holiday with kids
A  fresh fruit smoothie for this little picky eater.

(6) Active family travel.

There are lots of activities here that are family friendly, even with really young kids.  You can hire pushbikes, learn how to use a bowl boat, explore a city by foot, hike through rural areas or burn off some energy playing at the beach.

vietnam holiday with kids
Learn how to fish from one of these beauties

(7) War History

Vietnam’s war history is fascinating, depressing and well documented.  Visiting the various museums, and of course the famous war tunnels are a great opportunity for kids to learn about the war.  It’s also a great opportunity to see information from a Vietnamese perspective.  The warm remnants museum in Ho Chi Minh City is very informative, and when the kids get bored, there is a well stocked play room on the 3rd floor.

vietnam holiday with kids
US Army Tank at the War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh City

(8) Culturally fascinating

Officially, Vietnam is an Atheist state however; many of its citizens are religious with the three main religions being Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. This is a great opportunity to visit beautiful pagodas and temples and learn about a different way of life.

Observing the way Vietnamese people interact, their clothing, architecture and social gatherings etc. is just fascinating in itself.

vietnam holiday with kids
If saving to Pinterest for later – feel free to use this image

(9) Beaches.

No holiday is complete without a side trip to the beach!  Popular places include Hoi An, Nha Trang, Danang, Hue and Phu Quoc Island.

vietnam holiday with kids
Lazy days at the beach at Long Beach Resort, Phu Quoc Island

(10) It feels safe.

Vietnam feels like a safe place to travel.  The people are peaceful and in general, most people are welcoming.  There doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as much ‘scamming’ as in other South East Asian countries, however I’m not sure if this is because we were travelling with kids.

You should still take the usual precautions of course, such as not making it easy for pickpockets and only using reputable taxi companies.

vietnam holiday with kids
Walking the streets of Hoi An

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