Tips for Travelling

Tips for Travelling

Wandering how to afford family holidays? Or how you will survive flying with kids? Maybe you are wandering about baby and toddler carriers for travelling?

Below are my tried and tested tips for travelling cheaper, affording travel and travelling with kids.  I have also included some random thoughts and tips!

How to afford family holidays

Managing how to afford family holidays isn’t as hard as you think.  Remember, saving only $20 a week adds up to over $1,000 at the end of the year.

Check out these three blog posts on how we manage to both save money for holidays and travel cheaper.

how to afford family holidays

how to afford family holidays

how to afford family holidays

Regardless of how you do it, unless you are high income earners or filthy rich; you are most likely going to have to make sacrifices to afford family holidays.  Don’t worry, it’s totally worth it!

Consider getting the kids involved in the saving and planning process.  I show my kids awesome photos and videos (Instagram and YouTube) in the lead up so when they ask me for something at the shop, I can remind them why we won’t be getting it.

Modelling to your children the value of hard work and saving money is one of the most valuable behaviors you can show them.

I truly believe that you will be creating memories that will be better and longer lasting than any possession.

Tips for Travelling with Kids

Travelling with kids can be a great source of anxiety for parents.  In particular, getting them from A to B is the hardest part!

It doesn’t have to be super stressful though.  Most frustrating situations can be avoided with a bit of prior planning.  See my tips below for travelling with kids!

how to afford family holidays

how to afford family holidays

Miscellaneous Thoughts and Tips

Here is where I share my thoughts and tips that don’t have a category to fit into.  Need some gift ideas or reasons to take a holiday with your kids?  Look no further!

how to afford family holidays

how to afford family holidays

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Need Some Family Travel Destination Inspiration?

For information on ALL of my travels,check out My travel destinations page. It includes information on what to expect in each destination when travelling with kids.

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Resources for Planning and Booking your Family Holiday

Get your guidebooks here:

Lonely Planet

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