8 things to do before going on holiday


You are unlikely to have a “home alone” moment and forget to take your actual child on your family holiday. However, it is really easy to forget some important things in the chaos leading up to the trip. Here is a reminder of some of the important things to do before going on holiday!


Check that your passports are in date. Many countries require that a minimum of 6 months are left on the passports.  You will need to get on top of this early as we all know how long it can take to renew your passport.

things to do before going on holiday


It’s handy to order some foreign cash before you leave.  Having a small wad of foreign currency ensures you don’t have to search around for an ATM when you first step off the plane so that you can pay for a cab or get something to eat.

Important: Let your bank know you are going overseas!  I learnt the hard way that your cards may actually have a halt put on them if the bank picks up an overseas transaction and you haven’t informed them.  Depending on your bank, you may be able to do this online when you log-on to internet banking.


Get any necessary vaccines for the country you are visiting and make sure you have enough of your regular medications. Some medications (for e.g. pain relief with codeine) can’t be purchased over the counter in other countries. For hints on packing your travel first aid kit, check out what I include here.

things to do before going on holiday


Do you need a visa for the country you are visiting? I always organise this at least 4 weeks in advance as some countries require a bit of stuffing around and sending passports off etc.

Pet and House Sitters

Have you organised a house sitter or someone to look after your pets? I nearly always use www.aussiehousesitters.com.au to organise a house sitter for our property in Australia. The house sitter looks after our house and pets in exchange for free accommodation.

things to do before going on holiday


Make sure your work knows the exact dates you will be away.  If you are self employed and can’t completely shut up shop, make sure you have access to everything you need whilst away for e.g. MYOB online or internet reception for returning emails.


This is so important and if you skimp on travel insurance because you can’t afford it, then you can’t afford to travel.  The last thing you need is a bill for hundreds of thousands of dollars because urgent medical treatment was required in a foreign country.

In some countries, you won’t even be able to access medical treatment without it. This is a serious risk to your life and your families life. It’s just not worth it!

things to do before going on holiday

Check the weather

Check the general climate of the country and city you are travelling to and pack accordingly. Don’t assume that every city in the same country will have similar temperatures.  Is it wet season or dry season? A quick google search will give you the answers.

You don’t want to show up to Harbin in China where it gets down to -25 degrees in winter with only jeans and a jumper. Likewise, you won’t need jeans and a jumper on a pacific island where its permanently pleasant.

Hint: I always check the seven day forecasts for the cities I am visiting the week before I leave.

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things to do before going on holiday
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  1. There are some great tips here. I am abroad right now and even though I did tell my bank I was going they want to call a number I no longer have to confirm my payments! Nightmare

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