Ten Reasons for a Vanuatu Holiday with Kids (Island of Espiritu Santo)

Ten Reasons for a Vanuatu Holiday with Kids

(Island of Espiritu Santo)

Reason #1: You can visit the Island of Espiritu Santo on a budget

You don’t have to re-mortgage the house to take a family holiday here.  There are plenty of budget accommodation options if you are willing to forego the luxuries and stay in a basic bungalow.  With plenty of beautiful free beaches to relax and let the kids run free on, you can spend as much or as little on activities as you like here.

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vanuatu holiday with kids
Stunning beach with great snorkelling at Port Olry

Reason #2: The water is warm, clear and calm

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot less anxiety about travelling with the kids when the ocean is as safe as possible.  All of the beaches we visited here were perfect for kids and some even have great snorkelling.

vanuatu holiday with kids
Lonnoc Beach

Reason #3: Espiritu Santo has a fascinating war history

There is a lot of war history here!  However, because the island of Santo served only as a base for the troops, some of the stories are more interesting than horific.  From snorkelling over dumped war equipment, to crashed airplanes in the jungle and leftover quonset huts to see; it’s a great introduction to learning about WWII.

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vanuatu holiday with kids
You cant tell from the photo, but here at Million Dollar Point, you can snorkel over millions of dollars worth of war equipment (jeeps, boats, machinery etc.) that was dumped into the ocean less than 30 metres from the shore.

Reason #4: It’s not crowded

The only time you will see a crowd here is when a cruise ship docks offshore and a colourful market pops up to greet the disembarking day passengers.  On any other day, you may have a tropical beach all to yourself.

vanuatu holiday with kids
The lovely Champagne Beach where the cruise ships sometimes dock. We shared the grassy area behind the sand with some cows and pigs on this particular day.

Reason #5: The locals love kids

It’s kind of like how much they love them in South East Asia, but not quite as full on.  If you have ever walked down the streets of Vietnam with a baby you will know what I mean. In Vanuatu, toddler behaviour is well tolerated when eating out and nobody minds if you order only a meal for yourself and share it with the kids.

vanuatu holiday with kids
Nobody seemed to mind when this little one spilled Milo on everyone and everything EVERY morning at breakfast

Reason #6: The food is really fresh

The food has literally come right off the farm that morning and you can usually find something for picky eaters.  One thing that I have learned about travelling regularly overseas, is that generally one person always ends up getting sick.  Not necessarily from germs or bacteria, but just the change in diet can upset little tummies (and big tummies).  This didn’t happen here….not once!

vanuatu holiday with kids
This photo is a bad example because it’s a coconut crab and Mr 4 was too scared to eat it HOWEVER, you can get chips and rice everywhere so your toddler won’t go hungry if you dish has claws and is scary looking

Reason #7: Its only 2.5 hours direct flight from Brisbane.

The less time the kids are confined on the plane the better! Need I say more?

vanuatu holiday with kids
Ok…so I didnt take a photo of our Air Vanuatu Plane. Here is a photo of a happy kid, because we got to spend more time doing this than sitting in planes.

Reason #8: A lot of the island is in its natural state

I think it’s important for kids to experience nature like this.  I can’t really explain why, but I feel in my soul that it is vital for future generations to feel and experience how wonderful nature is.  Otherwise, they won’t feel strongly about protecting it!

vanuatu holiday with kids
Check out the beautiful jungle surrounding Riri Blue Hole. Once you leave the main town of Luganville, everything you see is lush green.

Reason #9: Incredible opportunities to incorporate learning

Did you know that outside of the main town of Luganville, that there is no mains electricity.  Locals, restaurants and accommodation providers use a combination of Solar and Coconut Oil Generated Electricity.

Did you know that  James A. Michener wrote his Pulitzer Prize winning novel Tales of the South Pacific (which was later turned into a musical and much later, two films) based on his observations and anecdotes from his time stationed here as a lieutenant in WWII?

vanuatu holiday with kids
On Freshwater Plantation, we learnt how this pretty organic cacao plant is processed before eventually ending up as chocolate bliss balls….that I made dissapear fairly quickly

Reason #10: It feels safe and is well….easy!

Hiring a car is easy and driving is even easier.  There is only one sealed main road so you can’t really get lost.  Nobody minds if you don’t have kiddy seats or if anyone sits in the tray back of the ute.  In fact, the locals travel this way all the time.  As long as you accept that Vanuatu runs on Island time (so your meal may take an hour instead of 20 minutes), the Island of Espiritu Santo is a truly relaxing place to visit…even with young kids.

vanuatu holiday with kids
Taking it easy on the front porch of our bungalow at Lonnoc Beach Bungalows

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If saving to Pinterest – feel free to use this image

You can’t get coconut any fresher than this!


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