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Tasmazia – Fun for the whole family


and the Village of Lower Crackpot

Easy to reach the platform in the middle – not so easy to get back out!

Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot is fun for the WHOLE family!

As a rule, I’m a bit of a tight wad and don’t really like paying for attractions.  However, the online webcam at the Dove Lake Carpark showed nothing but sleet.  Certainly not ideal conditions for doing the Dove Lake Circuit with Kids.

We decided to head to Tasmazia instead, expecting it just to be a ‘time filler’ until the weather cleared up the next day.

I have never been so happily wrong in my life.  This place is aMAZEing! (See what I did there?) It’s worth every single dollar of the $70 family ticket price.

The crackpot correction centre, one of the secrets hidden within the Great Maze

What is Tasmazia?

Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot is a maze complex of eight mazes.  There is also a model village, novelty embassy gardens, lavender farm, cafe and gift shop.  The majority of this quirky attraction is filled with humour and good family fun.

Expect to see a multitude of signs within the maze filled with awful jokes.  The kind of dad jokes that you hate yourself for laughing at.

There are fun things to find within the mazes, such as the Lower Crackpot Correction Centre and the Balance Maze.  You could easily spend a whole day here and if your kids are older, it’s the kind of place where they can safely run off and do their own thing.

The awesome Balance Maze found within the Great Maze

What to expect at Tasmazia

One of the most enjoyable things about Tasmazia, is that four of the mazes are botanical.  This is not some ugly concrete jungle.  These are beautifully grown and maintained green hedged mazes that would have taken many years to grow.

You can expect to be amused not only by the signage, but the quirky nature of the small scale Village.  The politically incorrect Embassy Gardens is also a source of amusement.

The onsite cafe serves up a pretty decent lunch and the facilities are great.  There is even a dedicated baby change room complete with baby powder and wipes.

You can expect to get lost in a maze at some point!

The gift shop has some great authentic Tasmanian gifts as well as some quirky offerings.  However, don’t expect the lavender farm to look pretty unless it’s the month of January when the lavender is in flower.

One of the first signs you come across as you enter the mazes

Visiting with kids

Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot is entertaining for kids AND adults of all ages.  It’s great cheesy family fun and a great way to be active without it feeling like a chore.  I personally think the challenge of the mazes and the hidden secrets within are a fantastic way to exercise their minds as well as their bodies.

Young kids will definitely get tired running around the mazes so a child carrier or stroller is ideal.  Little ones will probably need a rest at some point.

Whilst we didn’t take a stroller, I don’t see why one with outdoor type rubber wheels wouldn’t get around here unless there had been recent rain and the ground was muddy.

We used the Ergo Baby Carrier (see my baby and toddler carrier post for more details on what we use) for little Miss Two when she could no longer keep up.

The Village of Lower Crackpot which includes a CBD, factories, sporting complexes and even a sleazy end of town!

How to get there

Tasmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot is located at 500 Staverton Road in a district called Promised Land (no joke) in the North-West of Tasmania.  It’s on the scenic route to Cradle Mountain and is about 15km south-west of Sheffield and 40 km south-west of Devonport.

Check out their website here for more information.

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