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Standley Chasm with Kids

Standley Chasm with Kids 

(Angkerie Atwatye)

The unique quartzite walls of Standley Chasm were formed by ancient sea beds and when under direct sunlight, they appear to glow a fiery orange red.  I’ll let you in on a little secret, not many people actually get to see this spectacle.  Due to the direction of the walls of the Chasm, there is only approximately 90 minutes out of everyday, around noon, where you can see this magic happen.

I visited Standley Chasm with my husband and young kids on a Central Australian road camping trip.  See the route we followed here: Central Australia Road Trip With Kids (The Route We Took)

Standley Chasm with Kids
The lovely walk into Standley Chasm

The Chasm itself is a really awesome sight to see.  There are also great facilities here including toilets, camping, food, BBQ, drinks and a gift shop.  There is a $10 entry fee per person and kids paid a discounted fee.

Take a short walk to the chasm

The short but beautiful walk to the Chasm itself from the Kiosk is quite easy-going.  In fact, it’s easy enough for young kids to manage as Mr nearly four managed the walk perfectly fine by himself, often running off up ahead.  It took around 15-20 minutes going at a relaxed pace.

Toddlers may need to be carried, mainly due to the distance. It’s a short walk for adult legs but fairly long for little ones.  Little Miss 18 months walked some of the way but I carried her in the Ergo Baby Carrier for the majority of the walk.  (See my baby and toddler carriers for travelling page for more information).

As mentioned above, the best views of the Chasm are around mid-day when the sun is directly overhead.

You can also do a 3km return walk along Section 3 of the world-famous Larapinta Trail here.  I’m hoping to visit again in the future when I have more time so that I can do this walk.

Visiting with kids

In general, visiting Standley Chasm with kids is easy! The walk doesn’t require any special abilities, and the cafe and picnic areas make it ideal for a lunchtime visit.

Check out Standley Chasm’s official website at for more information on visiting this awesome place.



Standley Chasm (Angkerie Atwatye) can easily be reached in a standard vehicle on a day trip from Alice Springs.  It’s located on Aboriginal Land and to reach it, you follow Larapinta Drive west out of Alice Springs for approximately 50km.  Once you see the signs for Standley Chasm, take a short 8km sealed road into the car park.

We chose to drive to Alice Springs on an epic road trip from the east coast of Australia.  Alice Springs is a long drive from anywhere in Australia and you will need to do some research before you attempt it.  It can be done in a standard 2WD vehicle but if you want to get off the highway and drive on some of the awesome outback roads, you will need a 4WD.


You can fly into either Alice Springs or Yulara from capital cities in Australia, and either hire a vehicle or book a tour from there.  We stayed at Ayers Rock Resort at Yulara near Uluru, and at the Big4 in Alice Springs.

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standley chasm with kids
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