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Springbrook National Park – Awesome With Kids

Springbrook National Park – Awesome with Kids

“I forgot the baby carrier!” I squeal in horror.

The same baby carrier that I have used every day for the last 4 years.  The same baby carrier that was supposed to carry little Miss 18 months on a 4km hike at Springbrook National Park. The same carrier that is hanging off the table in our Jayco Camper back at the campgrounds.

“What do you want to do?” asks hubby.

“I’ll just have to carry her the old fashioned way….on my hip” I reply, hiding my self doubt.

Lesson learned.  My back was killing my by the end of it however, the scenery and walk itself was absolutely fantastic.  We weren’t the only ones brave enough to attempt it with two young kids either.  By the sound of the grizzling up ahead of us, we also weren’t the only ones who misjudged nap time.

Whilst I don’t recommend doing the 4km Twin Falls circuit without a baby carrier to lighten the load, I do recommend visiting Springbrook National Park and checking out some of the amazing things it has to offer.

Springbrook National Park
Not far into the Twin Falls circuit hike at Springbrook National Park

Springbrook National Park – Things to do with your family!

Natural Bridge

This is an easy 1km walk through a lovely ancient rainforest.   Even when it’s stinking hot, the shaded rainforest ensures the walk itself is fairly comfortable.  It takes about an hour with the main highlight being the Natural Bridge, Waterfall and Cave.  If you take a torch and visit at night, you will get to witness thousands upon thousands of glow worms lining the cave.  They are not actually worms, but the larval stage of a small fly.  Either way, it’s a cool sight to see with the best viewing times between December and March.

The walk is easily achievable with young kids.  Older kids and adults will have no problems at all.  We took a baby carrier however hardly used it on this walk with Mr 4 and Miss 18 months walking the majority of the way, only needing help on stairs and tricky bits.

There are toilets and shaded picnic tables here and you can expect to share your picnic area with some cheeky scrub turkeys.

Springbrook National Park
The walk is fairly easy at 1km return however, there are a few stairs to manage
Springbrook National Park
The highlights of the walk…..the ‘glow worm’ cave and waterfall

Twin Falls Circuit

If your kids are too young to walk 4km, you will definitely need a baby carrier of some sort and a moderate level of fitness. There are opportunities to swim in rock pools, walk past rock clefts and walk behind waterfalls.  You will also walk among ancient palms and tree ferns, and take in the view from some fantastic look outs.

The Twin Falls Circuit is a really enjoyable hike, and remember there is no rush.  You can stop for a swim or a break when you feel like it.  If you follow the track anti-clockwise, signage guides you through the different forest types.

The walk should take around 2 hours, unless you stop for a swim (or forget the baby carrier like I did).

Springbrook National Park
Swim in rockpools or stand under the waterfalls

Springbrook National Park
The view from the top of a waterfall. You can see the cityscape of the Gold Coast from here.

Purling Brook Falls Circuit

This hike is 4km return and passes through open eucalypt forest before descending into the gorge to view the falls from underneath.  You cross a suspension bridge which brings you back to the picnic area.  Sometimes this walk is closed after heavy rain.

Various Lookouts

If you’re not feeling up to a hike with the kids, here are a few short walks to some great lookouts.

Wunburra Lookout – 30m return

Canyon Lookout – 30m return. You can also start the Twin Falls and Warrie Circuits from here.

Goomoolahra Falls Lookout – 200m return.  The track passes through the Goomoolahra picnic area to several lookouts.

Best of All Lookout – (yes that really is it’s name) – 600m return.

Springbrook National Park
The view from our ‘snack break rock’ on the Twin Falls circuit


Springbrook National Park is located within the Gold Coast Hinterlands. You can visit as a day trip from the Gold Coast, or stay a few days in the area. Accommodation options range from National Park campgrounds to luxury retreats.  There are plenty of picnic areas, some with BBQ facilities and plenty of nature to immerse yourself in.

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