Phu Quoc Island with Kids

Phu Quoc Island with Kids

I found Phu Quoc Island a bit disappointing when compared to the hype in the travel literature.  It is still a worthwhile and interesting place to visit,  however it certainly isn’t ”Phuket not yet discovered.”  I was a bit put off by random bits of rubbish that wash up ashore, mostly empty water bottles and broken fishing nets.


Below are some activities that are relatively easy with young kids in Phu Quoc Island.  Please keep in mind that I don’t take holidays to visit kids parks and amusement rides.  My kids visit all of the attractions and see all of the things that we do.  I just try to make it fun for them whilst we are there!

Dinh Cau Temple:

This is a cute little temple built on a rock at Duong Dong Harbour.  It is interesting but it only takes 10 minutes to actually visit.


Take an afternoon stroll on the beach as the sun sets over Long Beach.  It’s so nice to be able to just walk and relax and let them play in the sand whilst you watch the sun go down!

phu quoc island with kids
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Phu Quoc Island with Kids
Sunset over Long Beach, Phu Quoc Island


The markets here are not touristy.  If you are interested in seeing an Authentic Vietnamese market, this is a great opportunity to stroll around and take it all in.  Be warned though, it is very humid and if you are a bit squeamish you may find some things a bit confronting.

The Harbour: 

Check out Duong Dong Harbour.  You can stroll out on the jetty and check out all the boats. The working boats here are fantastically outdated, however it most definitely only adds to the charm.  I wish I didn’t get sea sick so easily !

Phu Quoc Island with Kids
Lovely old boat at the Harbour

Phu Quoc Island with Kids


  • Visit the pepper plantation
  • Explore the national park
  • Find a nice deserted ‘locals’ beach
  • Visit Phu Quoc Prison
  • Visit Vinpearl Land

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