New Zealand

New Zealand

It didn’t matter which road I was travelling in the South Island of New Zealand, there always seemed to be an extremely picturesque backdrop of snow capped mountains off in the distance.  

I travelled around the South Island of New Zealand before having children, so I have not included information relating to travelling with kids in this section.  There is absolutely no reason why New Zealand would not be suitable for travelling with children though.  I have every intention of bringing the kids back here one day and look forward to it.

The day I arrived in New Zealand, was the day I was hit with a pretty bad flu.  This meant that I spent a great deal of time lying around the motorhome complaining, shivering, sleeping and in general, being a miserable travel companion.  I missed out on a lot of things!

Unfortunately, this means that I have no information for blogs except for the photographs below.  I have plans to go back and redeem this holiday though, this time with my kids!

Queenstown and Christchurch were my favourite cities here.  Queenstown is visually stunning with lots of activities to do and sights to see.  I’m not entirely sure what it is about Christchurch, however something about it is charming and welcoming and makes you want to stay longer.

Photographs of my travels through the South Island of New Zealand


Photographs of New Zealand South Island

Photographs of Queenstown to inspire you to visit



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