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Things to do in New Caledonia with kids

Things to do in New Caledonia with Kids

New Caledonia is incredibly easy to travel around with children.  Anything you need for babies and young children can be found in Noumea and there is a variety of activities and sights on offer.  With a unique blend of French and Melanesian, even the fussiest of eaters will find food they enjoy.

Things to do!

Anse Veta Beach – Noumea

Anse Veta Beach is a well known stretch of sand in the capital of Noumea.  It’s kind of a hot spot for visitors with plenty of accommodation and restaurant options along it.  It’s only about 10 minutes from the city centre and if the weather is right, there are plenty of bright windsurfers out on the ocean.  Anse Veta Beach is a great place to swim, play and walk along with the kids.

things to do in new caledonia with kids
Watching the windsurfers on Anse Veta Beach

The Aquarium Des Lagons – Noumea

The Aquarium Des Lagons is a really fantastic, surprisingly modern Aquarium. Little kids will be mesmerised by the floor to ceiling tanks.  Adults will too! The Aquarium is open Tuesdays to Sundays, so don’t plan your visit on a Monday.

things to do in new caledonia with kids
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The Le Marche Markets – Noumea

The markets are located beside the Marina, at Port Moselle in Noumea.  The market is not particularly large however is well worth the visit.  There is an arts and crafts sections as well as a produce section.  It gets fairly busy early in the morning.

Place Des Cocotiers – Noumea

This is a lovely green section in the heart of the city.  It’s great for people watching and taking a break and has nice gardens down one end.  A giant chessboard and band rotunda can be found down the other end.  There is a bi-monthly street market held here also.  With plenty of space to run around and lots of vendors selling snacks, it’s fairly easy to occupy young kids here.

The Natural Swimming Pool (Piscine Naturelle) – The Isle of Pines

This is an absolute must see if you visit The Isle of Pines.  Your hotel or resort can organise drop off and pick up here.  From the drop off point, you have to cross a creek and walk through some bush for around 15 minutes.  It’s a fairly easy walk with no hills and the walking track is mostly obvious.

If the kids are little, you will probably need some sort of baby carrier (see my baby and toddler carriers for travelling section) or let them hitch a ride on your shoulders.  There are no facilities so you will need to take drinks and snacks and carry your rubbish back out.

Don’t forget your snorkel and goggles as the water is very clear with plenty of fish.

things to do in new caledonia with kids
The Natural Swimming Pool (Piscine Naturelle) on The Isle of Pines
things to do in new caledonia with kids
Snorkelling in the Natural Swimming Pool (Piscine Naturelle) on The Isle of Pines

Kanumera Bay – The Isle of Pines

This bay is a stunning 1km stretch of beach with white sand and clear blue water. The water is really calm and flat so its perfect for little people.

things to do in new caledonia with kids
Lovely stretch of beach at Kanumera Bay, right in front of ‘Oure Tera Beach Resort” on The Isle of Pines
things to do in new caledonia with kids
Sunset at Kanumera Bay, The Isle of Pines

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