Horse Riding in Vanuatu

Horse Riding Adventures in Vanuatu

I rode through the jungle passing wild pigs and ducking spider webs.  I rode under coconut trees and saw crab holes larger than dinner plates.

However, the biggest highlight was hearing a horse fart underwater!

My four year old would have loved the last part. We share the same sense of humour. So does my two year old. Unfortunately, they were a bit too young for this horse ride with minimum age being 6 years old.

horse riding in vanuatu
Riding through pristine aqua waters on white sand surrounded by a shady mangrove tunnel. There are not many places you get to do this on a horse!

I’m not an experienced horse rider. In fact, the last time I was on one was around 20 years ago and it bucked me off after about 15 seconds. It was my mums horse and she likes to remind me often that it was my teenage bad attitude that made the horse feel like doing it.

I decided to ride motorbikes after that. They seemed easier to control and less expensive. However, 20 years later when holidaying in Vanuatu, she convinced me to get back on by offering to shout me.

Thanks mum!

horse riding in vanuatu
Riding through the lush green jungle.  Watch out for wild pigs and falling coconuts!

Santo Horse Adventures on the island of Espiritu Santo is primarily a horse rescue facility with the trail rides assisting in the rehabilitation costs of the horses.

This isn’t just any old trail ride. This is a trail ride on a laid back island through jungle like foliage, tropical rainforest, coconut trees and through a unique mangrove tunnel of pristine aqua water and white sand.

Well, it was pristine until my horse took a crap in it.

Did I also mention you get to take your horse swimming in the warm blue Vanuatu ocean? (spoiler alert – this is where the horse gets REALLY relaxed and lets off some steam underwater)

horse riding in vanuatu
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Megan, a former Kiwi, is very passionate about these animals and has been running these memorable trail rides at the horse rescue facility for over 12 years. She caters to both experienced and inexperienced riders.

These trail rides are worth visiting the island for!  With Air Vanuatu now offering direct 2.5 hour flights from Brisbane, you could go for a long weekend and check out the many other great things the island has to offer.


Contact Megan at Santo Horse Adventures:


Admiring the view after riding through coconut trees and dodging really large coconut crab holes

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