Holiday Stress Tips

Holiday Stress Tips

3 Tips to reduce stress on a family holiday

Family trips can be more stressful than relaxing sometimes.  Things don’t go to plan, your toddler is in a bad mood, the baby is crying and the work calls haven’t stopped. This is supposed to be a holiday!

Fortunately, the majority of these things can be avoided with a little prior planning.  Here are three of my tried and tested tips to reduce holiday stress.

1. Maintain your routine

You don’t have to stick to it like glue, this is a holiday after all.  However, sticking to the usual nap and eating times will make a huge difference to everyone’s mood.   This might mean heading back to the hotel for an hour at noon for a nap, or it could be as simple as laying down on a towel at the beach for quiet time. A young child that is tired and/or hungry is not fun!

holiday stress tips
Afternoon naps in our hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam. Two out of three ain’t bad!

2. Know where you are going and how to get there

Winging it without kids is easy.  In fact, winging it without kids is fun!  However, being stuck at a train station for hours upon arrival with a tired, hungry child because you haven’t pre-organised the details is no fun at all.

You don’t have to organise every detail, but being able to hop straight into pre-arranged transport to a hotel after a 12 hours flight with young kids is much more enjoyable than trying to work it out when you get there.

holiday stress tips
Work out where you are going once you arrive and how you are going to get there

3. Don’t cram too much into the day

Young kids get overwhelmed easily.  They will not enjoy visiting six crowded museums in one day and as a result, neither will you.  When travelling, we often go sightseeing in the morning and leave the afternoon free to have a nap or play on the beach away from crowds.

holiday stress tips
Having a chilled out afternoon in Port Olry on the Island of Espiritu Santo in Vanuatu

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  1. Great tips! We have a hard time sticking to the schedule, but we do make sure nap time happens everyday. Often we’ll just make sure the kids sleep in the carriers, but if at all possible we lie them down in the hotel. Bonus if the grownups get a nap too!

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