Ho Chi Minh with Kids in two days

 Ho Chi Minh with Kids

…in two days…

Considering my distaste for large cities, I was not expecting to like Ho Chi Minh…let alone love it.  For the first time in my life, I found myself wanting to stay longer than two days in a large city.  In fact, I could have easily stayed a week!

I can honestly say that I would love to come back here and see more of what Ho Chi Minh has to offer.  Staying in a nice hotel in district one no doubt was a big factor in my enjoyment of this city.  Regardless of where you stay, you can’t deny that Ho Chi Minh has a lot to offer and is an easy destination with young kids.

Ho Chi Minh with kids
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THINGS TO DO in Ho Chi Minh with Kids

Please keep in mind, that I am not the kind of traveller that visits playgrounds and amusement parks for the kids to play in.  We can do that at home! My kids experience and do the same activities that I do.  If they seem to be getting bored, I find ways to make it interesting for them.

Self walking tour:

Quite a few of the lovely historical buildings are within walking distance of each other in District one. If you are lucky like we were, you might see a bride and groom having their wedding photos taken out in front of some of the buildings.  Walking is easily done with children as there is enough pavement to maneuver a stroller and plenty of places to stop for snacks and drinks.

War Remnants Museum:

I really enjoyed this museum, even if it did make me ashamed to be human.  Mr 3.5 loved the warplanes and tanks on the grounds outside, and we found a decent kids room on level 3 with heaps of toys to occupy the kids.  We took in turns staying with the kids and going into the more gruesome display rooms on chemical warfare. There is also a pleasant cafe on the grounds which does a fantastic cookies and cream smoothie.

ho chi minh with kids
Tank at the War Remnant Museum in Ho Chi Minh City

Ben Than Markets:

I’ve been to quite a few haggling type markets in Asian cities however this one was one of my favourites. It’s large and hot!  If you don’t like haggling, the stalls around the outer ring of the building seem to be of fixed decent price.

People Watching at a Cafe:

We sat down at a trendy cafe near our hotel and ordered Monkey bread. OH. MY. GOD. it was wonderfully unhealthy and I put on 3kg just looking at it.  The kids were distracted enough by their huge smoothies to let us people watch out of the big glass windows.

ho chi minh with kids
Monkey bread. I didn’t realise they were so big and ordered two!


This is a fantastic place to cheaply try out the famous beef noodle soup.  They do both take away and dine it.  Most travelers to Vietnam rave about eating Beef Pho off the streets, however I just didn’t feel comfortable about it with the kids.

Cu Chi Tunnels:

The well known Cu Chi Tunnels are about an hours drive from the city and you can easily hire a private driver or go on the usual tour.  A private driver is cheap in Vietnam and much easier with kids that a tour that runs on restricted times.  Young kids might get a bit frightened in the dark so its worth bringing along a small torch and giving them the job of holding it.  Even though the tunnels are touristy, they are also very incredibly interesting and well worth a visit.

ho chi minh with kids
Sorry it’s blurry, I let my husband take some photos! It gives you an idea of how small the tunnels are as Mr 3.5 years is of average height.

Activities I wanted to do with the kids but ran out of time:

  • Botanical gardens
  • Tao Dan Park
  • Motorcycle tour

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