Hiring baby and toddler equipment in Hawaii


Does the thought of packing all that extra stuff required for young kids put you off travelling? The good news is that you can hire everything you need in Oahu.  This means that all you need to worry about are your swimmers and passport!

Travelling with kids, although extremely fun and rewarding, comes with challenges.  Thankfully, access to baby and toddler equipment is a problem that is easily solved.

hiring baby equipment in hawaii
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In Oahu, Hawaii, you can hire those extra comforts from home that make travelling with kids a bit easier.  When I travelled to Oahu with my 12 month old son, I was able to hire a high chair, some kiddy toys for our room, and some beach toys and sun shelter for the duration of our stay here.

Even though I was a good contender for being their worst customer, I received an excellent service through www.paradisebabyco.comThey even drop off the equipment and pick it back up again as part of the deal!

Here is a list of my sins:

  • I accidentally sent them to the resort next door to where we were staying.
  • I accidentally stole a strap to the highchair.
  • I left the above mentioned strap with the security guard at our apartment for pickup when we left.  The guard went home for the day and the new guard knew nothing about it.
  • I had already boarded a plane so wasn’t able to answer any calls.
  • All of the above resulted in them having to make 3 trips to retrieve all of the equipment

Despite all this,  Paradise Baby were always friendly and polite and never once complained about the extra work.

If you are visiting the island of O’ahu with your little ones, I can personally HIGHLY recommend www.paradisebabyco.com.

Also, if www.paradisebabyco.com. ever read this, this is my official apology for being the worst customer you have probably ever had.   I wasn’t blessed with kids that sleep so I’m usually not the sharpest tool in the shed !!

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