New Caledonia

Highlights of my travels in New Caledonia with kids

Highlights of my travels in New Caledonia with kids

With stunning islands to explore, friendly locals and a unique blend of French/Melanesian culture and food, New Caledonia turned out to be a fantastic place to have a relaxing holiday.  The best part….it’s only a short 2.5 hour flight from Brisbane!  

Spending a week in New Caledonia with my husband and young son, was a chance to relax before knuckling down and saving IVF money for a desperately wanted baby number 2.

My sole reason for choosing New Caledonia as the destination, was the short flight time from Brisbane.  As that I only had a week to spare I needed to minimise travelling times.

The food, culture and stunning islands were a real surprise and I can’t wait to come back here with more time up my sleeve for exploring.

Below are the highlights of my trip as told through photographs:

new caledonia with kids
Visiting the Natural Swimming Pool (Piscine Naturelle) on The Isle of Pines
new caledonia with kids
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new caledonia with kids
Watching my ‘spirited’ little boy sit still for 10 minutes at the Aquarium in Noumea
new caledonia with kids
Watching the same ‘spirited’ child realise he could now run as well as walk
new caledonia with kids
Jason’s face when he realised the food was French influenced and quite possibly might taste like the food we had experienced in French Polynesia
new caledonia with kids
Actually getting to sit down and relax on a beach. Letting the kiddo bury my legs in order for this to happen.
new caledonia with kids
Seeing this sunset from the lovely resort grounds at the Le Meridien in Noumea
new caledonia with kids
Experiencing a day on this lovely stretch of beach at Kanumera Bay, right in front of “Oure Tera Beach Resort” on The Isle of Pines
new caledonia with kids
Witnessing this sunset at Kanumera Bay, in front of Oure Tera Beach Resort on The Isle of Pines

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