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Gifts for travellers of all ages


Looking for gift ideas for family and friends? How about something for yourself?

I have created a list of awesome gifts for travellers.  These particular items were chosen because I either own them and use them when travelling with my family; or because I would REALLY love to receive them myself.

I have tried to include something for all ages and travelling styles.  Depending where you live in this wide world, some of these items may not be affordable in terms of postage.  However, it will give you a starting point to search closer to home if shipping is not available or affordable.


1. Kids Travel Journal

I plan on buying this journal from Lonely Planet Kids next year for my eldest.  He’s just that little bit too young to grasp the writing component at the moment.  I love the idea that they can record their adventures, turning the finished journal into a scrapbook to treasure forever.  The journal has topic suggestions, lists to complete and space to write, collage and draw.gifts for travellers

2. Explorer Set for Outdoor Kids

Even though this explorer set is designed for 8 years and older, my younger kids absolutely love this.  In fact, they fight over it!  It’s great for occupying them on family camping and hiking trips and is also a great fun introduction to navigating and exploring the outdoors.  Check out the explorer set HERE from Kathmandu.

gifts for travellers

3. Audio Books for Long Car Trips

Do you remember reading Enid Blyton’s Faraway Tree when you were a kid? I do and I loved the series!  They have been recreated into a 10-CD audio book which will keep the boredom at bay on those long car trips. Oscar winning actress Kate Winslet reads two of the books and the total running time is approximately 8 hours.

If your kids are a little older and have outgrown the Faraway Tree, there are plenty of other popular titles on offer from the Book People including Roald Dahl books and the Harry Potter Series.

gifts for travellers

4. Where’s Wally – The Totally Essential Travel Companion

Who doesn’t love a Where’s Wally Book?  Actually, a part of me finds him more frustrating then enjoyable …. I seem to lack the basic concentration skills to find him!  However, he occupies the kids on long haul flights and hotel rooms so I still love him to bits.

Wally now comes as a totally essential travel companion which includes seven classic Where’s Wally books packed into a handy sized travel edition as well as six postcards that can be coloured in and sent back home to your friends.

gifts for travellers

5. Trunki Luggage 

Trunki is the sturdy luggage that kids can ride on.  It’s not only fantastic at transporting our kids stuff, it’s also great at occupying them at the airport and in hotel rooms.  My kids sit on it and scoot around when we are bored and waiting for planes and trains.  If they are tired and can’t keep up, then I pull them along behind me.

This is particularly useful in large airports when you are rushing to get to the gate on time.  We haven’t had any problems using them as carry on luggage when flying.  Click here to check out the different Trunki’s available!

gifts for travellers
Ripley and his Trunki at Singapore Airport 

6. The Piggy Back Rider

This child carrier is a game changer!  It’s designed for families with kids that are too old for a baby or toddler carrier, but still aren’t quite old enough to keep up.

The Piggy Back Rider is a standing child carrier that makes it easy for the child to hop on and off as they please.  It’s ideal for longer walks, busy cities and long days at places like the zoo and theme parks.

Check out the piggy back rider website here to see how it works for yourself!

gifts for travellers
Ripley (aged 4) hitching a ride on the Piggy Back Rider


7. Travel and Destination Guides for Adults and Kids

Lonely planet has been around for nearly 40 years and are the ONLY travel guides I purchase.  In fact, I keep them as a memento afterwards.  In addition to travel guides, they also have phrasebooks, pictorial books and even a range of travel books for kids (just click on ‘Lonely Planet Kids‘ when you get to the homepage).

Most of the destination guides can be downloaded to Ipad, Kindle, Android and more. Click here to visit the Lonely Planet website or click on the image below:

Lonely Planet

8. The Scrubba Wash Bag

The Scrubba Wash Bag is an awesome solution to cleaning dirty clothes when travelling.  I have taken it camping, hiking and even used it in luxury hotels.

Check out the Scrubba Wash Bag website to see how it works! A few people scoffed when I mentioned this recently but guess who didn’t have to buy a new packet of underwear in Tasmania, or new shirts for the kids in Vietnam when we ran out of clean clothes? Guess who doesn’t have to re-wear stinky clothes when camping and hiking?

That’s right…ME !

gifts for travellers


9. Travel Stub Diary

I have a confession to make.  I’m one of those hoarders that keeps plane ticket stubs, worn out maps, and entry tickets as a memento of each trip.  They usually end up floating around aimlessly in the bottom of my photo box but I’ve found a solution … The Travel Stub Diary!

This album is specifically for preserving travel memorabilia that won’t fit into a standard travel journal or photo album.  There are side pockets and top-loading sleeves to hold keepsakes of all shapes, from business cards and ticket stubs to photos, postcards, and maps.  There is also space in the margins to jot down notes.

gifts for travellers

10. Head Case – Custom Printed Luggage Cover


gifts for travellers

This is hands down, the most useful novelty idea ever …… and it’s also the most hilarious! There is nothing worse than wasting time trying to find your luggage on the carousel when all you want to do is get out of there.  Or worse, if someone else picks up your luggage because it looks just like theirs.

Get your friends face printed on a personalised case and their bag will be instantly recognisable.  Even better, get one for yourself and each family member!

To purchase and for more information, click on the ‘Shop Firebox’ banner below and head on over to the ‘personalised’ section of the website.

11. Packing Cells for Organising Luggage

Once you use a packing cell to organise your luggage, you will never go back!  They are great for keeping things like underwear and socks separate in your bag so you can find them easily.

I also use them to keep my dirty clothes separate from my clean clothes and my kids clothes separate from mine if we are sharing a bag.  Check out Kathmandu’s range of Packing Cells here.

gifts for travellers

12. Travel Poncho for Unexpected Weather

This Flamingo Poncho from Temptation Gifts comes in a pouch with a drawstring.  Store it in your handbag or backpack in case of weather emergencies.  I know poncho’s aren’t particularly exciting, but the Flamingo print makes this one kinda cool and they really are a lifesaver when the weather turns bad.

gifts for travellers

13. Go Girl

What is this you ask?  Well….basically it’s a product that allows women the convenience of standing up to go to the bathroom!

I know this product seems amusing. HOWEVER, at some point when travelling overseas, you will come across a toilet that you absolutely cannot stand the thought of sitting on.  It’s also great for camping and hiking!

The Go Girl is re-usable, made of medical grade silicone and can be washed with soap and water. Click here to check them out online at EBags.gifts for travellers

14. Overnight Bag 

This overnight bag belongs to the Paper Plane range from Disaster Designs. It is ideal for short trips away and whilst any overnight bag is useful, I find this one particularly cute.

Dimensions: 31cm x 53cm x 19cm. gifts for travellers

15. Travel Cosmetics

I love this idea as I don’t wear makeup every day and often don’t end up packing it due to how much room it takes up in my toiletry bag. There is always one or two nights where we eat somewhere a bit nicer when I seriously regret it though!

Stowaway Cosmetics is makeup you love, in sizes you can carry and finish. They are designed to be finished before they expire and are packaged in sizes that are perfectly portable.

Featuring all six of Stowaway’s classic products, this little essentials pack is ideal for travelling.  Click here to choose your palette and purchase the The Stowaway Kit.  Of course, you can also purchase just one or two items if you don’t require the whole kit.

gifts for travellers

16. Travelex Money Card or Foreign Cash

Give your loved ones the gift of cash….foreign cash that is!

Having a small wad of foreign currency in your wallet when you first stop off the plane can be a lifesaver.  It is NOT fun wandering around looking for an ATM that will accept your foreign card when all you want to do is get something to eat and jump in a taxi.

Travelex is a leading online foreign currency exchange provider, offering a wide range of currency services.  The rates online are lower than in store.

The Travelex Money Card is also definitely worth checking out!  It’s a platinum prepaid currency card that can be loaded with up to 6 currencies (Euros, pounds, yen, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, and Pesos)

gifts for travellers

17. Camera Backpack

My husband, (who is usually only ‘so so’ when it comes to picking gifts) surprised me one year with a really awesome camera backpack.  I didn’t even know they existed!

It looks just like an ordinary backpack but it has this great removable storage section in the rear for your camera and lenses.  This particular camera backpack by Crumpler even has a padded tablet sleeve and a detachable tripod holder.

gifts for travellers

18. Shout a Hotel Room

Shout your loved one a night or two in a nice hotel.  Better yet, shout yourself as well!

I always use bookings.com when I pre-book accommodation as they have both great deals and great cancellation policies.  There is plenty of details about the hotel itself making it easy to compare prices and facilities.

Use the search box below to find a great deal:


19. Power Bank

I always carry a power bank when we travel.  The kids often drain the battery on my phone watching movies of themselves or checking out ABC for Kids if we have access to free WIFI.

Keep your USB connected mobile phones and digital devices charged with this useful Power Bank from Kathmandu.  Charge the unit up before you travel to keep your devices working on the move.

gifts for travellers

20. Travel Wallet

Once upon a time, my husband left our passports on a plane in Vietnam and our foreign currency under a hotel bed in China.  Since then, looking after the passports and money have been my responsibility!

I keep all of our important stuff in a dedicated travel wallet.  This particular Comet in Moominland travel wallet is both really cute and useful.  It opens up to a double-sided wallet with room for cards, passport and some larger sections labelled ‘hotel’, ‘documents’, ‘tickets’ and ‘currency’.  The other side has a section for your passport, a pen and loose change.gifts for travellers

21. Pocket Blanket

The Pocket Blanket 2.0 is surprisingly useful! It’s large enough for two people to sit on comfortably but if we’re being honest, I squeeze two little kids on as well.  My kids have no sense of personal space anyway!

It’s water repellent, puncture resistant and extremely compact.  It has this cool feature of corner weights that pull out and can act as corner stakes so it doesn’t blow away.  Basically this little pocket blanket can live in your pocket or your bag until you find yourself needing something to sit on.

gifts for travellers


22. The Secrets of Happiness from Cultures of the World

 The Secrets of Happiness from Lonely Planet would make a great gift!  It features fascinating insights into how happiness is created in different culture, and how we can be happy too.  Each lesson is uniquely illustration and is designed to inspire.  I can’t wait to get my hands on this!gifts for travellers

23. Shout a Flight

Shout that someone special a flight or get a great deal and shout yourself as well!

Cheapflights is my go-to site for cheap airfares and last minute deals.  They are one of the world’s largest flight comparison sites and make a great starting point for travel planning.  Check them out by clicking the banner below:

24. Electronic Accessories and Cable Travel Organiser

Trying to find the correct charger in your luggage bag is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.  This useful little electronics and cable organiser is great for keeping your cords, hard drives and gadgets together and easy to find.  Click here to check it out online at Dwellbee (just click on the ‘shop travel’ button when you get to the landing page).

gifts for travellers

25. Colouring Book for Travellers

For those times when you need a break from technology, or it’s just not available!

This Ultimate Travelist Colouring Book is an awesome way to pass the time!  There are 100 line drawings to colour in with descriptions of each place in the back of the book.

These places have been voted the worlds “100 greatest” by the travel experts at Lonely Planet and include the Temples of Angkor, Great Barrier Reef, Machu Picchu, The Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal and more.

gifts for travellers


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