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Evercreech Forest Reserve

Evercreech Forest Reserve walk with kids

The Evercreech Forest Reserve is a stunning nature reserve located in the North East of Tasmania.

I first learnt of Evercreech when researching the list of 60 Great Short Walks published by Tasmania’s National Parks and Wildlife Service.

When I discovered that this reserve is home to “The White Knights”, the tallest white gum trees in the world (over 90 metres), I knew that I had to make time to visit and see these ancient trees for myself.

evercreech forest reserve
Standing at the base of a ‘White Knight’

The Evercreech Forest Reserve has a lot to offer families and I was not disappointed!  Even young family members can manage the extremely picturesque walks through the forest with minimal assistance.

A short ten minute stroll leads to the base of the White Knights and a steeper 1km circuit leads you up and out of the rain forest into a dryer type forest.  Here you can view these majestic gums from a higher elevation.

There is also a 45 minute return walk that leads to the lovely Evercreech Falls.

evercreech forest reserve
A moss covered fallen tree

What to expect on the Evercreech Forest Reserve walk with kids

Name: Evercreech (#51 of Tasmania’s 60 Great Walks)

Location: Evercreech Forest Reserve in the North East of Tasmania, Australia

Distance: 10 minute return (400m) or 20 minute circuit walk (1km circuit)

Classification: Level 2

Time: 20 minutes return

Notes: The information above is taken from the Tasmania National Parks and Wildlife Services website.

Walking at the pace of an easily distracted two year old, this 1km circuit walk took us around 45 minutes which included two short stops for drinks and photographs.

evercreech forest reserve
Official signage at the start of the short walk

Walk to the base of the White Knights!

The walk sets out on an easily managed flat track to the base of the huge white gums.  There is a convenient board walk build around one of the trees.  This means you can get up close and personal without disturbing the tree.

From here, you can either return back to the picnic area or continue on to complete the 1km circuit to view the large old gums from above.  The walk steps down off the boardwalk and meanders alongside a pristine creek through lush green rain forest.

This section of the walk is extremely beautiful with giant ferns and fallen trees and logs covered in bright green moss. There is a seat or two along the way should you wish to sit down and take it all in.

evercreech forest reserve
Viewing the huge trees from the higher vantage point

Walk to a higher elevation and view the White Knights from above!

The walk ascends into the dryer type forest.  At the top, you will find another seat where you can sit down and enjoy the scenery.

As you head back down, the dry forest returns to more of a rain forest and the track snakes through moss covered trees.  This is one of those walks where you don’t mind walking the pace of a two year old!

Take a picnic!

A picnic when you complete the walk is a must do.  There are pit toilets, wood fired BBQ’s and a large A-framed undercover area with a log fireplace.

If the sun is shining, you will probably enjoy eating by the clear creek that runs alongside the green grass area.

evercreech forest reserve
Moss covered log beside the path

How to get there

The Evercreech Forest Reserve is located in Tasmania’s north east.  It can be accessed by travelling from Fingal along Mathinna Road and then Evercreech Road.

Fingal can be found 72km east of Launceston or 150km north east of Hobart on the Esk Highway.

Where to stay


The Griffin Camping Area is a popular choice when wanting to stay longer in the Fingal Valley area.  It’s located on the banks of the South Esk River and offers many grassy area sites.

Checking out Camping Tasmania’s information here on how to get there and what is available at the Griffin Park Camping area.


Accommodation can be found nearby the small towns of Fingal and Mathinna. Find a great deal here!


Evercreech is a forest reserve and no entry fee was payable at the time of writing.

However, entrance fees are required to enter national parks in Tasmania.  You will definitely want to visit some of Tasmania’s national parks!

You can buy singular passes but an 8 weeks pass which gets a whole family into all of the National Parks is better value for money.  Passes can be purchased online here.

evercreech forest reserve
One of the ‘White Knights’ as viewed from below

Visiting With Kids

The Evercreech Forest Reserve is a fantastic place for a family day out!

This reserve is extremely picturesque and well worth the visit.  Imagine a rain forest on steroids complete with giant ferns and trickling mountain streams.

Visiting these kind of places with kids is so very important for long term preservation.  If kids never experience the beauty of nature, how will they ever feel the urge to protect it?

My kids really enjoyed the walk; excitedly pointing out the moss covered logs and giant trees. At the ages of two and four years, they both managed the steeper 20 minute circuit with only minimal help on the steep section when their legs were tired.

evercreech forest reserve
The first section of the walk as you head towards the base of the ‘White Knights’

The walk is fairly suitable for kids of all ages.  You will need to hold young hands when ascending to the higher and dryer type forest as there is a bit of a drop off on one side.  However, the track is well maintained and it’s easy enough to keep them away from the edge.

There are no facilities once you leave the car park and begin the short walk.   You will need to carry all of your rubbish back out with you.

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