Diamond Head Trail with Kids

Diamond Head Trail with Kids

Can you manage the Diamond Head Trail with Kids? Yes you certainly can!  However, you will definitely need to use a baby or toddler carrier for younger kids.

I’ll be honest, I really hate exercising.  I wasn’t blessed with kids that sleep and I am a working mother.  The gym just represents another chore to me so I don’t regularly exercise.

Despite this, I do love the opportunity to go on hikes and walks with the kids and explore our wonderful world.  I feel very lucky to be able to tick the Diamond Head Trail off my bucket list.

diamond head with kids
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What to expect on the Diamond Head Trail with kids

This walk at first appears really challenging.  In reality,  it only takes about 40 – 60 min to get to the top. It has safety rails the majority of the way up but it is quite steep in parts.

Young children and toddlers will definitely need to be carried.  We used the Ergo Baby Carrier  for this hike however these days we also use a Piggy Back Carrier. (see my baby and toddler carriers for travelling sections).

There is a small entry and parking fee however it is minimal.  There are toilets and snacks on offer at the base of the climb.

You will need a backpack to carry water up with you as it gets very hot, and possibly a banana or two to refuel at the top.  I noted with annoyance that like usual, most of the huffing and puffing was coming from myself, and Jason seemed to do it effortlessly, even with Ripley on his shoulders when I got tired of carrying him.

The view from the top is absolutely spectacular (see photos below) and well worth the effort it takes to get to the top.

At the start of the Diamond Head Trail
Ripley hitching a ride on Jason’s shoulders
View of the crater
These stairs were the hardest part of the walk
Resting inside a little bunker at the top
Views from the top
Views from the top
Enjoying resting on the green grass at the end

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