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Cobb and Co Nine Mile Creek Camp Grounds

Camping with kids

at Cobb and Co Nine Mile Creek Camp Grounds 

Are you looking for a great spot to camp that is NOT a Big 4?  Cobb and Co Nine Mile Camp Grounds is geared towards families and is perfect for getting yourself and the kids back outdoors.

Cobb and Co Nine Mile Camp Grounds are located just south of Gympie in Queensland. There is heaps of stuff for both kids and adults to do!

I wasn’t really motivated to come here as the kids were being difficult and it all just seemed to hard.  However, I pushed through it and I’m so glad that I did.  We all ended up having a really great weekend.  We will definitely be coming back here.

camping with kids
Ripley (aged 3) practicing with his balance bike in a muddy puddle

It’s impossible to be bored when all of this is available:

  • playground equipment
  • pirate ship playground
  • flying fox
  • push bike / BMX tracks
  • horse rides / horse and carriage rides
  • mini train rides
  • paddle boarding / kayak / canoe at the billabong
  • farm petting yard
  • swimming in the billabong
  • heaps of nice walking tracks
  • rock pools in Woondum National Park 5km away

There are hot showers, drop toilets, camp kitchens and you are allowed to have a fire.   The showers are large enough to fit yourself and 2 kids however be warned, the gap under the shower walls is large enough for a naked toddler to escape under.

Depending on the breed, you can even camp with your best friend !! Providing of course, you follow the usual doggy ettiquete rules of keeping them restrained and picking up messes.

Check out their website at:

Below are some photos taken at Cobb and Co nine Mile Camping Grounds:

camping with kids
Beautiful Nine Mile Creek. Apparently you can spot some Platypus here !
camping with kids
The lovely billabong
camping with kids
Mini Train Rides
camping with kids
Pirate ship playground
camping with kids
Some walking tracks heading towards the creek
camping with kids
Ripley testing out the BMX track
camping with kids
Beautiful reflective water at the Billabong
camping with kids
Trillian (aged 1) thoroughly enjoying the swing

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