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Cape Tourville Lighthouse

Cape Tourville Lighthouse

Best short walk for families!

The Cape Tourville Lighthouse is by far, the easiest short walk for families on the Freycinet Peninsula.  Even though most people rave about the nearby Wine Glass Bay lookout walk, I thought the views from here were just as enjoyable.

There was also more to interest the kids at the Cape Tourville Lighthouse walk.  I mean, what young kid doesn’t want to see a lighthouse?

At only 600 m and twenty minutes, this walk is particularly easy with kids!

cape tourville lighthouse
Some free to use public binoculars. We loved these!

What to expect on the Cape Tourville Lighthouse walk with kids

Name: Cape Tourville (#54 of Tasmania’s 60 Great Short Walks)

Location: Freycinet Peninsula (Freycinet National Park), East Coast of Tasmania in Australia

Distance: 600 m circuit

Classification: Level 1

Time: 20 minutes

Notes: The information above is taken from the Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Services website.

As per normal, we took twice as long than the suggested time.  We stopped a lot to check out the view and take photos.  There were quite a few signs and other features to stretch out the walk.

Walk the boardwalk!

The boardwalk that leads up to the lighthouse has fantastic views.  This walk is a great alternative to the steep Wine Glass Bay Lookout walk if you are not feeling up to it with the kids.

There is signage dotted along the boardwalk with educational features about the marine life, neighboring islands and history.

cape tourville lighthouse
Signage explaining ‘the view’

Spy the bird life on the ‘nuggets’ through the free to use public binoculars!

I love that the public binoculars on the boardwalk are free to use.  The ‘nuggets’ are a set of islets lying just of the coast.  They are an important breeding sanctuary for a variety of bird life including the little penguin, diving and white faced storm petrels, pacific and silver gulls, black faced cormorants and caspian terns.

cape tourville lighthouse
Checking out the ‘nuggets’ from the boardwalk. You can view these close up through the public binoculars.

Check out the Cape Tourville Lighthouse!

Being honest, the lighthouse kinda pales in comparison to the boardwalk and view.  The Cape Tourville Lighthouse was constructed in 1971 and being an automatic light, has never been manned.

Unfortunately, it’s not open so you can’t climb up for the extra views.

Cape Tourville Lighthouse
The Cape Tourville Lighthouse

How to get there

From the Tasman Highway (A3) take road C302. Once inside the Freycinet National Park, follow the main road and then turn left onto the Cape Tourville Road. The 7km Cape Tourville road is unsealed but is suitable for two-wheel drive vehicles.

We managed it perfectly fine in a large hired motor home.

Where to stay

Due to the popularity of the Freycinet Peninsula, accommodation is a bit more expensive here than some other areas of Tasmania.

We were travelling in a motorhome and stayed at the Big4 Iluka on Freycinet.  However, if we had a standard hire car instead of a motorhome, I absolutely would have splurged for the Freycinet Lodge.  It looks amazing!

Find a great deal on other accommodation in the area here!


You will need a National Parks permit to explore the Freycinet National Park.  Singular park passes can be purchased but an 8 weeks pass which gets a whole family into all of the National Parks is better value for money.  Passes can be purchased online here.

Visiting Cape Tourville Lighthouse with kids

The Cape Tourville Lighthouse is a must see if exploring the Freycinet Peninsula and National Park with kids.  With it’s short distance, gentle slope and great views; it’s a great alternative to the popular Wine Glass Bay lookout walk.

The boardwalk is fairly stroller friendly and has safety rail over the sections with a drop off.  My kids (at the ages of 2 years and 4 years) loved the boardwalk, signage and binoculars.

The kids were a bit disappointed that you can’t climb the lighthouse but were impressed it sort of resembled the lighthouse from Paw Patrol.

Neither of them needed assistance with this walk.

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