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Baby Carriers and Toddler Carriers for Travelling with Kids

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Baby Carriers for Travelling

and Toddler Carriers

I am a huge fan of ditching the stroller and using baby carriers for travelling.  I use them a lot for our everyday home life too!

Below is a list of baby and toddler carriers that I have personally used (and found useful) for carting the kids around.  Some of these carriers have allowed us to visit some amazing places with the kids quite comfortably.

Ergo Baby Carrier

I am not ashamed to admit that I would not have survived the first 2 years of parenthood without this.  If I had to choose just one product it would be this one.

It has travelled overseas, around Australia, and has completed about a million laps of my hallway. It has been pooped in and vomited on, has gone in the washing machine and the dryer heaps of times and is still in perfect working order.

This carrier is great for both babies and toddlers.

Piggy Back Rider (Standing Child Carrier)

This carrier is idea for toddlers because they can hop on and off as they please.  It’s great for when they want independence but can’t quite keep up. We have used it on chaotic roads in Vietnam, on long beach walks, and on popular hikes up mountains on the East Coast and Central Australia.

It’s a fantastic way to keep your toddler close in a busy unfamiliar place.  I love that as a parent, I no longer have to miss out on some great walks because the kids are too little.  Check out the Piggy Back Rider website if you are interested!

Breeze Baby Ring Sling

I have tried a few different ring slings and this one is by far my favourite.  The fabric is mesh and therefore quick drying, which makes it ideal for swimming, showers and warm climates.  However, I personally found it uncomfortable once the kids reached around 10kg.

Woven Wraps

I have a no-name woven wrap thanks to Ebay.  It is really versatile and there are heaps of online tutorials on how to wrap the kids at various ages. When the kids outgrow it, I will be able to recycle the material for a few sewing projects.  A woven wrap can be used well into toddlerhood if you perfect your wrapping technique.

Kathmandu Carrier

If you are into hiking, this is a great quality hard framed carrier.  It has space in the back for snacks, drinks and nappies and is comfortable enough that kiddies can have a nap in it.  You can also get an optional removable sun shade for it.  Check them out on the Kathmandu website here.

baby carriers for travelling
Hiking the Cape Hauy Track in Tasmania using our old Kathmandu Carrier

Mini Monkey Sling

I found this sling fantastic when the kids were babies.  However, once they reached around 8kg (which doesn’t take long) I found it really uncomfortable on my neck and shoulders.

Prams and Strollers

I don’t use a pram or stroller regularly as they are a bulky item when travelling. For the sake of an experiment, I purchased one of those $20 strollers sold at most big department stores and took it to Vietnam. I wasn’t sure how it would go because usually, you get what you pay for. Surprisingly, my cheap stroller made it back home in one piece and doesn’t seem any worse for wear.

baby carriers for travelling
Getting around the streets of Hoi An in Vietnam with our $20 stroller

This budget stroller (from Target) travelled in the luggage compartment of 8 different planes, 2 trains and the back of many taxis.  We walked around 4 different cities and the kids also played with it when it was parked in our hotel room. I honestly don’t know how it is still in perfect working order. As a result, I would recommend trying one of these before forking out hundreds of dollars on a special travel stroller.

It did pop a wheel when walking our dog on a rough gravel road a few months ago but it popped right back on and still works good as new.

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    1. I love how the kids have trashed it over the years and the only wear and tear is some fraying where little Miss chewed on the edges of it for around 6 months straight. I’ve always said that they should just hand them out at the hospital when you leave 🙂

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