australia holiday

australia holiday


I may be biased, but Australia is a fantastic place to holiday and is especially easy with kids.  Regardless of your holiday style, there really is something for everyone here including: city breaks, adventures, epic roads trips, beaches, culture, national parks and nature.

Also….At 7.69 million km2, Australia is huge!  You cannot see all that it has to offer in 2 weeks.  Unfortunately, unless you have 12 months to do the big lap, you will have to make an Australia bucket list or just choose a specific area.   planning an australia holiday?

I have added links below to the states that I have visited in Australia.  Even though I am based on the East Coast of Australia,  I have travelled overseas more than I have around my home country.  This is mostly because travelling around Australia is not very cost-effective when compared to other countries.

However,  I am currently on a mission to remedy that!

Choose a state below for more information


Central Australia & Northern Territory


New South Wales

I am yet to visit the other states…..keep checking back!


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