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Get to know me!

I am Jessica.  I am a freelance travel writer, blogger and obsessive traveller.  I am also a mother of two and a wife.  Let me show you how holidays and travelling with kids can be fun!

We are not a full time travelling family but we do travel very regularly.  We currently follow a routine of work, sleep, travel, repeat.  This may change in the future but for now, we are still paying off our house and enjoying our lovely block of land too much to give it up permanently.

My bucket list is VERY long and I am very passionate about the benefits of family travel.  After a couple of weeks on the road, I always feel a bit homesick.  However, after a few weeks at home I always feel like this …..

family travel

Meet my family!

These are my crazy kids! Ripley is five years old and happy as long as he has us and a small car to play with.  He doesn’t mind whether we are hiking, camping, or staying in a basic hut or somewhere more luxurious.

Trillian is two years old and like her big brother, doesn’t seem to mind where she is.  Except that Trillian has a temper and a loud voice.  We are not sure if its the terrible two’s or if its just her personality!

Sometimes they are best friends and sometimes they are enemies.  In this picture they are friends ….. because who isn’t friends when sharing a strawberry milkshake on a deserted tropical beach in Vanuatu?

family travel

This is Jason.  We’ve been married for 11 years.  He goes along with my sometimes outrageous plans without complaint and in return, I try not to complain about his obsession with Rugby.  He is happiest when travelling somewhere with a beach.

family travel

Want to have a chat?

If you would like to have a chat, feel free to send me an email at travelwithjess@hotmail.com or message via facebook.