French Polynesia

Six reasons to visit French Polynesia

Six reasons to visit French Polynesia

reasons to visit french polynesia


Reason 1 –  THE PEOPLE

The locals here have genuine smiles and are truly warm and welcoming.  Although the official language is French, we found that most people could converse in English (or at least enough to get by with visitors) and didn’t seem to mind that we couldn’t speak a word of French.

reasons to visit french polynesia
Polynesian show and dinner

Reason 2 –  THE WEATHER

It gets hot here….but it doesn’t get cold.  Enough said. This means minimal packing!

reasons to visit french polynesia
Enjoying the beautiful weather

Reason 3 – THE FOOD

Can you think of anything better than French blended with Polynesian ? The seafood is fresh, the fruit is tropical, and there is French bread served with every meal.  Whilst it’s not budget prices, it’s not really overpriced to eat here either.

reasons to visit french polynesia
The food is fresh!


Snorkeling is absolutely amazing here (from the eyes of a beginner).  I was lucky enough to snorkel every day in both Bora Bora and Moorea .  Visibility on both islands was fantastic and it was a completely different experience on each island so you don’t really get sick of it.

reasons to visit french polynesia
Snorkeling on Bora Bora

Reason 5 – THE SCENERY

This is the sole reason you can’t get French Polynesia out of your mind when you leave.  The beautiful turquoise, aqua and blues of the water and sky blending is truly amazing on both Bora Bora and Moorea.

reasons to visit french polynesia
Beautiful shades of blue, aqua and turquoise in Moorea. That is Tahiti in the background.

Reason 6 – THE HISTORY

French Polynesia has an interesting history and there are also visible remains of the Tahitian culture in its ‘Marae’.  These are scattered across the islands and are basically open air places of worships.

reasons to visit french polynesia
Marae in Moorea 

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