10 Reasons To Travel With Your Kids

10 Reasons To Travel With Your Kids

“Are you taking the kids?” is often the first thing people ask me when discussing our upcoming travel plans.  My answer is usually followed by a pure look of horror and a, “you’re braver than me!” comment.  I won’t lie, traveling with kids is definitely not the same as traveling alone or as a couple.  However, it can still be incredibly rewarding and heaps of fun!

travelling with kids
Splashing around at Woodgate Beach in Queensland, Australia



I desperately need a holiday from the daily routines of working, parenting and ensuring my household doesn’t fall apart and I don’t feel comfortable asking anyone to babysit for that long……plus I would really miss them.


I love making memories and looking at the photographs when the holiday is over.  The kids love to watch holiday movies of themselves on my phone and re-telling what has happened……and I love watching them do this.


I truly believe that travelling opens their hearts (and yours) and minds to the world, and teaches them about tolerance and compassion.


I love the opportunity to spend quality time with them instead of living with the guilt of balancing work, kids, husband and mundane household chores.


I love the change of routine.  I love that when you are on holidays you can relax on nap times and schedules and just enjoy each others company.  Plus the kids really force you to slow down and enjoy the holiday instead of rushing around trying to see everything at once.


Kids are the best icebreakers EVER.  Other people will notice that your kids are cute (you already know this) and come over and tell you.  No-body can resist chatting to a toddler or smiling back at a baby and if they can, well I don’t really want to talk to them anyway.


I’m proud that we can model to our children the value of working for and saving money.


I’m worried that if I adopt a “when the kids grow up I will travel” approach that by the time they grow up it will be too late.  Nobody can predict the future or their health and I’m not willing to take the risk.


Both yourselves and your little people will discover new things to love from exposure to different foods, culture, music, architecture and style.


I know for a FACT that I will have a lot of regret if I only read about, and see photos of these wonderful places and don’t get to see them myself.

Blog posts, information and photographs from my travels through Thailand
About to do the ‘Valley of the Winds’ walk at Kata Tjuta, Central Australia 

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